I was commissioned by Børge-Are Halvorsen from the Norwegian jazz band John Faxe to design the album cover for their latest album. The band wanted this album to be colorful with a happy feel to it, and they wanted the design to include an eye in some way.

The name "I Am Awake" comes from a Buddha quote from when Buddha started to wander around India shortly after his enlightenment. He encountered several men who recognized him to be a very extraordinary being. They asked him: "Are you a God?" "No," he replied. "Are you a reincarnation of God?" "No," he replied."Are you a wizard, then?" "No." "Well, are you a man?" "No." "So what are you?" They asked, being very perplexed.  Buddha simply replied: "I am awake." Buddha means “the awakened one.” How to awaken is all he taught.


Type of project: Client project - John Faxe / Børge-Are S. Halvorsen
My role: Designer, Illustrator, Art Director
Responsibilities: Concept, Design, Illustration, Print, Digital
Tools: Pencil sketching, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC
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