We (McCann Oslo) decided that we needed our very own, custom designed beer can for our social gatherings and events – and this is the result. I hand-drawn the type for the main title that spells out "Sannhetsserum" in Norwegian which means "Truth Serum". The name is inspired by the international McCann payoff "Truth Well Told". The beer is a Saison from a local Norwegian micro brewery.​​​​​​​

Type of projetct: Internal project - McCANN Oslo
My role: Designer, Art Director
Responsibilities: Design, Type Design, Art Direction, Print
Tools: Pencil sketching, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC

The team:
Concept: Calle Hägg, Per Steinar Nielsen
Art Director & Designer: Sofie Nilsson 
Copywriter: Per Steinar Nielsen, Daniel Eraker
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