I had the pleasure of creating snapchat filters for the Slottsfjell 2018 festival, based on their new visual profile. To up the relevans for the visitors/users, and with that the shareability rate of the filters, we decided to create 3 different filters which were all available based on geolocation, time of the day, and for a set period of time. 
Filter number 1 was available to visitors to use during the entire music festival, and limited with geolocation to the area of the music stages. Filter number 2 was to be shared within the area of the festival camp. Filter number 3 was made available only at the end of the festival and the day after, and says "Thank you for this year, Slottsfjell 2018."
Type of project: Client project - Slottsfjell Festival 2018
My role: Designer
Responsibilities: Concept, Design
Tools: Adobe Illustrator CC
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